LCFS and C&T Analysis

Expert Insights into LCFS Credit & Deficit Trends and C&T Allowance and Offset Demand and Price Trends.

Expert LCFS Credit Market Analysis

    California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is driving renewable fuels investment in the transportation fuels market. Stillwater’s LCFS Newsletter is a powerful tool for Entities to use as they navigate the standard.

    All market participants – producers, importers, traders, and investors – need the right information to make smart credit market decisions.

    Expert California C&T Market Analysis

      California’s Cap & Trade (C&T) adds cost to petroleum fuels and value to renewable fuels in California. All market participants – producers, importers, traders, and investors – need the right information to make smart market decisions. Stillwater’s C&T Newsletter offers insights into the allowance demand and price trends that affect the downstream fuels market.


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          Recent Insights


            New Mexico Set to Join the Low Carbon Fuels Club

            February 14, 2024

            February 14, 2024 by Dr. Adam Schubert On the evening of February 13th, 2024 the New Mexico State Senate followed the lead of the State House and passed House Bill 41 (HB41) to establish the Clean Transportation Fuels Standard (CTFS). It now goes to the desk of Governor Michelle Luhan Grisham who is expected to...


            Low Carbon Fuel Program Proliferation (2024)

            February 13, 2024

            February 13, 2024 The year has already been quite busy legislatively with the introduction of low-carbon fuel (LCF) program proposals in five state legislatures and four additional states pondering the introduction of such bills. Below is a list of all active LCF programs in North America in addition to those currently under consideration (formally or...


            Oregon’s Embattled CPP: Back to the Future

            February 1, 2024

            February 1, 2024 By Kendra Seymour Much has been reported around the embattled Oregon Climate Protection Program (CPP) in recent weeks. As an Oregon resident, I’m particularly interested in the status and future of this program. For others who are interested in a quick recap of the program, the status of the legal battle, and...

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